Emmy good day – Don't give up dairy products - just lactose!

New, the innovative Barista milk that's low in fat for a delicious, lactose-free milk foam, or the lactose-free Swiss butter spiced up with curry and Swiss rapeseed oil is the perfect complement for meat or vegetables. Discover the Emmy good day products with the Allergy Seal of Quality.


How long is the certificate valid?


Here you will find the answer.



Pamper your skin!

Now, in the colder season,, the skin stores less water and hardly produces sebum. It feels rough and brittle, and can become red and even itchy. An additional protective layer helps stressed skin – for example products for skin and body care with the Allergy Seal of Quality

No minor matter: the right side dish

Only the side dish completes the menu. And sometimes it tastes so good that it changes from the supporting role to that of a main actor. A few product ideas for people suffering from food allergies or intolerances.