What is the difference between the Allergy Seal of Quality and the aha! label? Here you will find the answer.


Well protected

As much good as the sun does for our soul, its rays get under our skin. Only those who apply sufficient sunscreen can protect themselves against sunburn. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to use products that are free of harmful substances. A selection has been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality. The following tips will help you through the summer.


The peak pollen season starts with the grasses

The pollen of grasses plagues around 1.2 million pollen allergy sufferers in Switzerland. Because of the cool and wet days in April and May, the pollen season is very late. After hazel, ash and birch now the grasses: It is getting warmer and from now on their pollen is in the air, the quantities are rising. For people with hay fever this means: put on sunglasses, in the evening wash your hair and watch the pollen situation. Read more.