Deficient: declaration for groceries in online shops

All information that has to be declared on food packaging must also be visible online. This is what Swiss food law stipulates. Is it also implemented in online shops? Only inadequate, as a national inspection shows.


A strong start to the day

A wholesome breakfast creates the ideal foundation for an active day. A simple and quickly prepared muesli is the perfect solution. Migros has expanded its range of wheat-free and gluten-free muesli with new, varied products, such as organic crunchy muesli with nuts, organic crunchy muesli with seeds or organic puffed teff.



When will I receive the certificate?



Here you will find the answer.










Undergarments for sensitive baby skin

A baby's skin is four to five times thinner than that of adults. That is why it is particularly sensitive to external influences – such as undergarments. Kuli-Muli bodies, shirts and leggings are made of 100% organic lyocell; a natural fiber with numerous advantages.


Autumn hike

Hiking is almost even more enjoyable when the leaves are turning golden and the air is clear again. Even if you have a food allergy or intolerance, you can fill your backpack with all sorts of provisions. You are guaranteed to find something in our product database.

Comfortable sleep also during the holidays!

Hotel rooms: an ordeal for people with allergies, intolerances or neurodermatitis. Travel sleeping bags and anti allergy travel mattress covers that stop mites and allergens can cover or replace the normal hotel bedding.