Bake your own bread

More attention is being paid to health and all additives are being closely scrutinised. If you bake your own bread, you can determine which ingredients you want to use and which ones you don't. This is particularly important when it comes to food allergies and intolerances. You can now find gluten- and lactose-free flour mix and brown bread mix at Migros.

On the sunny side - but well protected

As much good as the sun does for our soul, its rays get under our skin. Only those who apply sufficient sunscreen can protect themselves against sunburn. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to use lotions that are free of harmful substances. A selection has been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality. The following tips will help you through the summer.


The Allergy Seal of Quality – this is checked for cosmetics

Whether a product is suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin is determined by the manufacturer and then has this checked and confirmed by Service Allergie Suisse. In the case of cosmetics, for example, it is checked if the products do not contain any of the 26 chemical and allergenic substances. Read the criteria for the certification of cosmetics.

Natural care from Switzerland

The products of the Coop naturaline Swiss Cosmetics line offers natural skin care based on plant-based raw materials. Their development is based on the latest scientific developments coupled with the power of nature. The products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland - for maximum skin compatibility and a tangible feeling of well-being. 

The gentle baby care

Because the delicate baby and children's skin has special requirements, the care should also be tailored to this. Soap-free, pH-neutral products with moisturising substances and no fragrances or preservatives are ideal – such as those of the My Baby skin care line.

Always right up-to-date – our News Service

The Swiss Allergy Label is becoming more and more established on the Swiss market. It simplifies shopping for people with allergies and intolerances. To keep you fully informed about which products have newly been awarded the Swiss Allergy Label, we are now offering a free news service by e-mail.
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