Certification body for the Allergy Seal of Quality

Service Allergie Suisse SA, a Swiss company based in Bern, is the independent certification body for the Allergy Seal of Quality. It certifies products and services that are produced and labelled specifically aimed for people with allergies and intolerances and awards the Allergy Seal of Quality.


Reach new target groups

In Switzerland 3 million people suffer from allergies and intolerances. Thanks to the Allergy Seal of Quality, affected people and their families can identify the specific products at a glance. For manufacturers this means an attractive opportunity to enter the market with specialist products for allergy sufferers. In the process, the benefits of the Allergy Seal of Quality with its level of recognition helps to position a new product in this growing sector as a safe and quality-controlled product.

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Well protected on the sunny side

As good as the sun is for our souls, its rays get under our skin. You can only protect yourself from sunburn if you apply enough sunscreen. If you also have sensitive skin, prone to allergies, it is best to use products with the Allergy Seal of Quality, without perfume, fragrances and without the 26 allergenic compounds. Learn more

A new ice age

A summer without ice cream? Unthinkable! Even if you have a milk allergy or lactose intolerance, there's no need to give up ice cream. From creamy chocolate to exotic mango-passion fruit, there are plenty of lactose-and milk-free ice creams with teh Allergy Seal of Quality to choose from. Let yourself be tempted and discover your new favourites. Treat yourself to the carefree pleasure of ice cream this summer!

Are all cosmetics with the Allergy Seal of Quality fragrance-free?

Products certified with the Allergy Seal of Quality do not necessarily have to be fragrance-free. The claim "without perfume/without fragrances" is not tested as standard, in contrary to the 26 allergenic compounds. There are also certified cosmetics that are also fragrance-free. If this claim is on the packaging of the product, it has also been tested by us. Download the criteria for the certification of cosmetics.

The peak pollen season starts with the grasses

The sun is back and grasses are beginning to bloom everywhere. Their pollen is the most common trigger of hay fever. Every fifth person in Switzerland has a pollen allergy and 70 percent of them react to grasses. Products with the Allergy Seal of Quality, such as pollen screens, air filters or vacuum cleaners, help to reduce pollen exposure indoors. You can find the certified products here. By the way, the grass pollen season lasts until late summer and peaks in mid-May to June.

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