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Certified services


Hochgebirgsklinik Davos (HGK)

With 160 beds for adults and 30 for children and adolescents, the HGK is the largest rehab clinic in Graubünden. Diagnostics, research and therapy go together hand in hand. As a result, our patients receive optimal treatment for their chronic or acute illness, and they also benefit from the healthy climate in Davos.

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Menu and More AG

Menu and More AG is a renowned, certified specialist in the preparation and delivery of healthy and varied meals, catering to schools, crèches, senior citizen homes and staff canteens. We deliver to more than 400 locations throughout Switzerland daily, employing our own refrigerated transport to serve some 12,000 people with fresh and healthy meals. Because of our particular service for allergy sufferers, menuandmore has been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality several times over.

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Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos (SAMD)

The Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule (SAMD), a Davos community foundation, is the high school (Mittelschule) for the region of Davos, upper Prättigau, and the Albula Valley. The school has a boarding school. A total of around 260 students receive their education in the academic secondary school (Gymnasium) or in the business school (Handelsmittelschule). SAMD is the first school in Switzerland to have its services certified. A precondition for this was extensive testing of processes and services, and the Allergy Seal of Quality was awarded after the strict requirements were fulfilled, especially in the areas of hypoallergenic interiors and food.

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SWISSFEEL is the first, and so far only, manufacturer in the hotel industry to offer a range of washable cushions and mattresses while at the same time offering the right washing procedure. The mechanical and thermal full washing process using water and detergents is the only process that cleans mattresses hygienically. Any form of contamination is dissolved and successfully removed.

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Certified products



Not having to give up anything even when allergic – Migros' product line for people with allergies
Migros has been working since 2008 with the foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Center. Migros is offering a broad product range, which is specially tailored to meet the needs of affected persons, under the label aha!. Now the range includes 185 products in the food and non-food areas. The product range is being expanded on a permanent basis and offers safety and optimal guidance. And the best thing is: Allergy sufferers feel completely at ease with aha! products.

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Cooperative Coop

Wide range of products for people with food intolerances and allergies
Our supermarket range of over 40,000 articles in the food and non-food segment satisfies every customer demand. In addition to a wide range of brand-name products we also carry own-label brand products for a variety of customer needs. The Coop own-label brand Free From is geared in particular to people with food intolerances and allergies. The range now includes over 85 products free from lactose, gluten and/or allergens such as celeriac, mustard or eggs. We also offer hypoallergenic products in the non-food segment. These can be identified by the Swiss Allergy Label.

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Emmi AG

Caffè Latte, Kaltbach, YoQua, or Gala - these are just a few of the brands that accompany people throughout the day in Switzerland and abroad. Emmi AG employs 3000 people in Switzerland and exports its products to over 60 countries. Emmi offers a full range of dairy and fresh products as well as cheese in Switzerland. Abroad, it focuses on specialties in European and North American markets and increasingly on developing markets outside Europe. Lifestyle, convenience and health products are at the forefront of fresh products. Emmi is also the world leader in Swiss cheese.

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Our main focus in the production of our products is that everything is natural. We at Knorr believe that nature is unsurpassed. By careful selection, combination and processing of natural ingredients, we want to create outstanding products for everyday cooking. Healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables or whole grain products will be given even greater attention in our recipes.

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Household appliances

Dyson SA

Dyson defines itself as an engineering company. Around one third of its more than 5000 strong workforce worldwide are engineers and Researchers.This knowledge in the areas of mechanics, electricity, EMC, thermal energy, chemistry, acoustics and software development allows new products to be developed and existing one to be improved. Investment in research and development stands at around 1.5 million pounds per week. Dyson even has its own microbiology lab where Dyson microbiologists grow and examine household allergens and maintain a dust mite farm. aha! Swiss Allergy Centre recommends that when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, particular attention should be paid to large particle retention, constant suction and an accompanying seal of approval. These requirements are met by the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

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Schulthess Maschinen AG

Schulthess Maschinen AG - Laundry care with competence
Schulthess products for single family home, multi family homes as well as for trade and industry convince with unsurpassed ease of operation, fast wash programmes and efficient use of water and energy. With its own research and development department and State-of-the-Art production facilities in Wolfhausen in the Zurich Oberland, the Schulthess name stands for Swiss quality and durable, robust products. More than one hundred committed Schulthess service technicians deliver friendly and reliable customer service through a comprehensive service network throughout Switzerland. Today, more than 400 employees work at Schulthess Maschinen AG. During the past 10 years, more than 90 apprentices were trained in a wide variety of areas. With that, Schulthess contributes to the strengthening of Switzerland as a development and production location.

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Dyson SA

Eucerin® skin experts have more than 100 years of experience in dermo-cosmetic skin care technology and therapeutic application. Scientific tests have demonstrated objectively the tolerance and efficacy of Eucerin® dermo-cosmetics, and ingredients are selected with utmost care. For these reasons, Eucerin® stands for the combination of outstanding product quality with pleasant skin feeling – for healthy, pretty skin, even if it’s hypersensitive. Research is centered on many products that make everyday life easier for people with hypersensitive skin – discover the products recommended by aha! Swiss Allergy Centre.

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L'Oréal Suisse SA Cosmétique Active

The La Roche-Posay’s commitment is to develop dermatological products to improve the lives of patients with sensitive, allergic and atopic skins. All our skincare products are formulated with Thermal Water from La Roche-Posay, renowned for its soothing properties and recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Our products contain an optimal concentration of active agents in minimalist formulas, hence limiting the risk of allergic reactions. Discover our skincare, body care and make-up products recommended by aha! Swiss Allergy Center.

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Rausch AG

With trafitional and of experience since 1890, RAUSCH AG KREUZLINGEN has been researching and obtaining the power of herbs to produce high quality, innovative and herbal based products for holistic hair and body care. All herbs come from strict controlled cultivation areas. They are sorted by hand and processed to pure, valuable extracts using special and the latest scientific knwoledge in-house methods. Especially for the needs of highly sensitive, irritated or allergy-stressed skin the SENSITIVE CARE for body and hair were developed. The unique, hypoallergenic products with the Swiss Allergy Label base on valuable active substances out of the nature.

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Ultrasun AG is a Swiss company specialising in high-quality sun protection products. The company has successfully established itself in the market segment for sensitive skin and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Meanwhile, the products are distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The company is known for its innovative technologies, light textures and the use of carefully selected ingredients. With its commitment to quality and sustainability, Ultrasun strives to offer customers high-quality products that are not only effective, but also environmentally friendly and caring for the skin.

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Technical products

Camfil AG

Protected against fine dust and pollen. Clean air at home and at work. We have the filter solution for you ready.
Camfil increases with its high-quality filter your quality of life and well-being. Not only allergic people appreciate the advantages of pure air. More and more employers recognize the potential of clean air. Camfil Air Filter help you to lower sick day-absences and more productive employees. You will receive a thorough examination of your requirements, as well as professional advice. We also offer company-related specifications, cost analysis and a friendly and competent customer service. Protect yourself!

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Textile products

Kuli-Muli AG

Kuli-Muli AG is a family-owned Swiss company. We develop and make products for the most wonderful thing in the world: Babies! We are producing in the EU and in Switzerland.
Our expertise is in the areas:

  • Safe and sound baby sleep
  • Undergarments for skin problems
  • Wide range of products for babies and toddlers

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Allergy Care

AllergyCare AG is a Swiss company distributing simple, efficient and safe products for the treatment of allergies, skin or gastro-intestinal diseases. We offer particular textiles (DermaSilk®), which have a protective, appeasing, anti-inflammatory and infections preventing efficacy for the skin. DermaSilk for children is reimbursed by the insurance by presenting a medical prescription. specially for the needs of highly sensitive, irritated or allergy-stressed skin the SENSITIVE CARE for body and hair were developed. The unique, hypoallergenic products with the Swiss Allergy Label base on valuable active substances out of the nature.
Our dust mite Encasing Microair® reduces the symptoms of allergy and the consumption of drugs. They are certificated by Service Allergie Suisse.

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ÖKO Planet GmbH

ÖKO Planet GmbH - certified quality bedding supplies and special encasings for allergy sufferers
Öko Planet GmbH is located in CH-6370 Stans. Their company`s mission is to offer products that provide a comfortable sleeping environment and important protection from allergens. The products are strictly quality controlled and offer allergen reduced sleeping conditions. In addition, the products are GOTS certified and are made from organic cotton. Non-irritating detergents and cleaning agents are also part of their product line.

Their specially developed allergy encasing sold under the brand Softsan is available in stores and on the internet shop (in German).
Natural bedding can be purchased under (in German).