We make our IT fit for the future 

The technological revolution, high security standards and the requirements in the certification process are bringing our current IT system to its limit. We are therefore introducing a completely new software.

Our office will be closed on Thursday, 1st June and Friday, 2nd June 2023

We will be here for you again from Monday, 5th June, with possible minor restrictions and ask for your patience if the certification process is slightly delayed after the week of the changeover.  

The peak pollen season starts with the grasses

The sun is back and grasses are beginning to bloom everywhere. Their pollen is the most common trigger of hay fever. Every fifth person in Switzerland has a pollen allergy and 70 percent of them react to grasses. Products with the Allergy Seal of Quality, such as pollen screens, air filters or vacuum cleaners, help to reduce pollen exposure indoors. You can find the certified products here. By the way, the grass pollen season lasts until late summer and peaks in mid-May to June.

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Smiling child in bed

Encasings: effective asthma protection

Mite-resistant bed covers - known as encasings - can protect children with asthma, and who also suffer from a house dust mite allergy, from severe seizures. This was found by a British study. By the way: some of these ecasings are certified and bear the Allergy Seal of Quality.

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