Advice for allergy sufferers


aha! Swiss Allergy Center

aha! Swiss Allergy Center is a center of excellence in the areas of allergy, atopic dermatitis, asthma and food intolerances and offers information, advice and training courses to sufferers, but also to businesses, training centers, authorities, associations and other groups and it runs prevention and information campaigns.

At the aha!infoline advisers with training in the medical and therapeutic, nursing and psychosocial sphere will be happy to take time for a detailed consultation: phone 031 359 90 50, monday to friday, 8.30–12.00 .

The aims of the detailed consultation are

  • Someone ready to listen to your concerns about allergy problems
  • Support in your doctor – patient dialogue
  • Explanation of symptoms, diagnostic and treatment options as well as the use of medication

More information about allergies: