Services with the Allergy Seal of Quality

Table of contents:

Services in various industries have been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality.


Kidelis SA is the partner specializing in the development and delivery of meals for children, Kidelis is happy to put its skills at your service to accompany you and offer, every day, a choice of menus combining health and taste pleasures.


Menu and More AG is a renowned, certified specialist in the preparation and delivery of healthy and varied meals, catering to schools, crèches, senior citizen homes and staff canteens.




Certified allergen management means safety! Safety for both sides. The guests and patients know that the processes are checked and that the staff know what is contained in the meals served.



SAMD is the first school in Switzerland to have its services for allergy sufferers is certified and awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality.


Washing systems

The cleaning process, which removes at least 60% of house dust mites, was tested by Service Allergie Suisse and other independent bodies and awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality.