Hochgebirgsklinik Davos (HGK)

With 160 beds for adults and 30 for children and adolescents, the HGK is the largest rehab clinic in Graubünden. Diagnostics, research and therapy go together hand in hand. As a result, our patients receive optimal treatment for their chronic or acute illness, and they also benefit from the healthy climate in Davos.  It is characterised by long hours of sunshine, low cloud cover, little fog and low rainfall. The air is not only particularly dry and pure, but also low in allergens, germs and pollutants: there are hardly any house dust mites, mould or pollen. A unique medical prerequisite which contributes to recovery, in addition to the high standard of medicine.

The food at HGK is specially adapted to allergies or special diets
Around 360 set meals are cooked per day for the cafeteria and the two dining rooms. About 20% of patients require an "allergological diet", including children. The HGK kitchen has taken this fact into account and offers set meals especially for people with allergies and intolerances.

Awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality
For the allergen management in catering for their patients, the clinic was certified by Service Allergie Suisse and is the first clinic in Switzerland to be awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality.

To ensure that the meals are safe for those affected, all processes and procedures from the delivery of the ingredients to the preparation and service have been intensively examined. Only after the fulfillment of the strict requirements in all areas the Allergy Seal of Quality was awarded.

Certified allergen management means safety! Safety for both sides. The guests and patients know that the processes are checked and that the staff know what is contained in the meals served.

More information on allergen management