Certification body for the Allergy Seal of Quality

Service Allergie Suisse SA, a Swiss company based in Bern, is the independent certification body for the Allergy Seal of Quality. It certifies products and services that are produced and labelled specifically aimed for people with allergies and intolerances and awards the Allergy Seal of Quality.


Reach new target groups

In Switzerland 3 million people suffer from allergies and intolerances. Thanks to the Allergy Seal of Quality, affected people and their families can identify the specific products at a glance. Statistics show that the Swiss Allergy Label has the following value for allergy sufferers:
For manufacturers this means an attractive opportunity to enter the market with specialist products for allergy sufferers. In the process, the Benefits of the Allergy Seal of Quality with its level of recognition helps to position a new product in this growing sector as a safe and quality-controlled product.

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Protect your skin!

As much good as the sun does for our soul, its rays get under our skin. Only those who apply sufficient sunscreen can protect themselves against sunburn. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to use lotions free of allergens such as perfumes, dyes and enzymes. A selection has been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality.

A cool thing

Which of the three new oat-based Karma ice cream varieties will you try first? Oats Cornets, Oats Almond Ice Lollis or Oat Freeze? They are lactose-free and available at Coop.

The peak pollen season starts - with the grasses

In the lowlands, grasses are beginning to blossom. Their pollen troubles around 1.2 million pollen allergy sufferers in Switzerland. They are the main triggers of hay fever and about 70 percent of those affected react to them. Service Allergie Suisse has tested and certified pollen screens, air filters and hoovers with regard to the reduction of pollen exposure indoors according to strict guidelines. To the products with the Allergy Seal of Quality.

Always right up-to-date

The Allergy Seal of Quality is becoming more and more established on the Swiss market. It simplifies shopping for people with allergies and intolerances. To keep you fully informed about which products have newly been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality, we are offering a free news service by e-mail. Simply subscribe here and stay up-to-date at all times.

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