The first certified school in Switzerland

The Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos (SAMD), has been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality for its special programme for students with allergies.


SAMDhealth – A programme for students with allergies
The SAMDhealth health programme, developed in collaboration with the Hochgebirgsklinik Davon (HGK), has been successfully certified by Service Allergie Suisse. This makes SAMD the first school in Switzerland to be awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality and recommended by aha! Swiss Allergy Centre. This was achieved after an intensive review and adaptation of the school's operational processes in order to meet the strict requirements.


The best conditions for success
The aim of the joint programme is to provide young people with chronic diseases with the best conditions for successful education and training. To this end, SAMD has adapted its infrastructure (hypoallergenic rooms) and the code of conduct (nut-free school). FThe teaching, cleaning and kitchen staff have also been specially trained.


Healthy to graduate
In the classroom, SAMD takes into account the special needs of those affected and supports them in all matters and concerns. If necessary, specialist HGK paediatricians even hold clinics at the school. Optimal coordination between the classroom and outpatient or rehabilitative means that absences from school are virtually non-existent, and the path to graduation is as uncomplicated as possible.


Embedded in a long-term study
Studies have long shown that therapeutic stays in a high mountain climate have a positive effect on health. Currently, these findings are also confirmed by a long-term study with over 1000 patients conducted at the HGK. The SAMD health programme is part of this study.


Upon request, we can clarify where any financial support could be provided to attend the programme.

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