Students with allergies are welcome and in good hands


The Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule (SAMD), a Davos community foundation, is the high school (Mittelschule) for the region of Davos, upper Prättigau, and the Albula Valley. The school has a boarding school, where boys and girls from Switzerland and abroad receive accommodation and extensive support.

A total of around 260 students receive their education in the academic secondary school (Gymnasium) or in the business school (Handelsmittelschule) at SAMD. The higher education entrance qualification and vocational examinations are federally recognised and are supervised by the school's own teachers.

More and more children and adolescents are suffering from allergies and intolerances. Consequently there are constantly increasing demands at school, and later in academic studies and in professional life. An allergy can significantly affect sufferers’ performance capacity. SAMD has stepped up in this respect, helping affected young people to have improved quality of life and thus greater success.


Qualification for university entrance without allergens

The aim of the SAMD and Hochgebirgsklinik (a hospital in Davos) joint project is to provide optimal conditions for successful education to students with chronic illness. On request, the school also offers consultations with dermatologists, pulmonologists, or child and adolescent physicians from the Hochgebirgsklinik. If additional outpatient or rehabilitative measures are required, these can be optimally coordinated with the lessons. This way school absences are largely avoided.

SAMD is the first school in Switzerland to have its services certified and is recommended by aha! Swiss Allergy Centre. A precondition for this was extensive testing of processes and services, and the Allergy Seal of Quality was awarded after the strict requirements were fulfilled, especially in the areas of hypoallergenic interiors and food.