The peak pollen season starts with the grasses

The sun is back and grasses are beginning to bloom everywhere. Their pollen is the most common trigger of hay fever. Every fifth person in Switzerland has a pollen allergy and 70 percent of them react to grasses. Products with the Allergy Seal of Quality, such as pollen screens, air filters or vacuum cleaners, help to reduce pollen exposure indoors. You can find the certified products here. By the way, the grass pollen season lasts until late summer and peaks in mid-May to June.

Lactose intolerance?

Then take a look at our newly certified products.  As well as lactose-free organic butter, a skyr butter and lactose-free high-protein semolina porridge, you'll also find the lactose-free Hummus Trio, with three different flavours in one pack - just in case you can't decide ... See all new certified products