Basic requirements

The basic requirements, applicable to all product groups, are laid down in the regulation “General requirements for the Allergy Seal of Quality" and the specific requirements in related annexes. The "penalty provisions" is another component of the regulation of Service Allergie Suisse.

Allergen management
Allergen management is an integral part of the requirements. A company that manufactures products with the Allergy Seal of Quality or offers certified services must demonstrate and implement an allergen management system in accordance with the HACCP concept in order to be certified. This must ensure that the safety of products and services is guaranteed at all times. The company must also ensure that the requirements for certified products and services are met at all times. The allergen management must include the following information:

Responsibilities and authority
Responsibilities, authority and communication are defined in such a way that an effective implementation and maintenance of the allergen management system can be ensured.

Hazard analyses and measures
Allergen-related hazards are identified, assessed and controlled by means of a risk analysis and assessment, ensuring that the specified requirements are observed. Measures to control the hazard must be specified.


Penalty provisions

The penalty provisions are an integral part of the regulation and govern penalties, deadlines and sanctions in the case of non-conformities.

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