Heat pump dryer POLLENCLEAN

Heat pump dryer - «TOP PLUS» model for gentle laundry drying. Large 4.3" colour display, 1-8 kg load capacity and internal LED drum lighting. Start time preselection up to 7 weekdays in advance and separate timed programme from 10-150 minutes.

Heat pump dryer POLLENCLEAN

Pollen - small, insidious and causes great discomfort to allergy sufferers. The solution from Schulthess is called Pollenclean: With the push of a button, Spirit tumble dryers remove annoying and stubborn plant pollen almost entirely from textiles. Put worn garments (including non-washables, such as jackets with lining etc.) into the dryer for 20 minutes and breathe in.

The Schulthess tumble dryer with Pollenclean program is, like all Schulthess machines, extremely energy efficient, quiet, durable and robust.


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Heat pump dryer POLLENCLEAN

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  • pollen allergy

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