Coop Naturaline nappies 2 mini

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Coop Naturaline nappies 2 mini


Outer material: breathable laminate made from starch and viscose
Velcro strap: Polypropylene
Velcro fastener: polypropylene / polyethylene
Outlet and leg end: Polypropylene fleece and polyurethane elastic threads
Distribution layer: polypropylene fibres / polyester fibres
Absorption cushion: FSC mixed cellulose, unbleached
Wet storage: polyacrylate
Inner fleece: polypropylene fibres


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Coop Naturaline nappies 2 mini

Appropriate product for:

  • sensitive skin

Particular characteristics:

  • withou latex
  • without perfume / without fragrances
  • does not contain any of the 26 allergenic compounds


42 Stk.