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Mission:Allergy® duvet encasings

Mission:Allergy® encasings meet the necessary quality specifications to ensure a mite-proof protection. The silky and very light cloth is made of 100% polyester microfibers and so tightly woven as to offer a very strong barrier against mites and the allergens they produce and still allow air and humidity through (selective permeability). Silverfree.

Mission:Allergy® duvet encasings

Mission:Allergy® features:

  • Will not let mites and their allergens through.
  • Thermoactive and with very fine permeability to humidity and therefore suitable in case of heavy perspiration during sleep.
  • Permeable to air.
  • No film coating, silky and light texture.
  • Very light and silky texture.
  • Water-tight. Liquid will pearl off the surface of the tissue. However, air-humidity will be allowed through.
  • Perfect workmanship. Reinforced with double sawing seems and covered zip to prevent possible tearing. Optimal proposition for mite-proof properties, sleep comfort and robustness.
Mission:Allergy® has a large range of encasings to fit any mattress, pillow and duvet you may have. The full list of available sizes and prices are available here. Nevertheless, should none of our sizes not be suitable, you still have the possibility to order a customised item made to your requested dimensions. For travel purposes, our range includes also a pull-over stretch encasing-sheet made of the same material.

The encasings are classified as medical devices class I and notified to the Swissmedic accordingly.


Photos and texts on the individual products have been provided by our clients.

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Appropriate product for:

  • House dust mite allergy

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