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Heartseed Plant and Three Certified Products for an Irritated Highly Sensitive Scalp

New product in the SENSITIVE LINE with heartseed from Rausch

The SENSITIVE SERUM with heartseed is suitable for irritated, hypersensitive and allergy-prone scalps. It is without colorants and does not contain any of the 26 allergenic compounds. The SENSITIVE LINE is vegan and not tested on animals. It has been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality and includes a shampoo, a rinse-off balm and a a serum for the scalp. With the precious heartseed extract.

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Are all cosmetics with the Allergy Seal of Quality fragrance-free?

Cosmetics certified with the Allergy Seal of Quality do not necessarily have to be fragrance-free. The claim "without perfume / without fragrances" is not tested as standard, in contrary to the 26 allergenic compounds. There are also certified cosmetics that are also fragrance-free. If this claim is on the packaging of the product, it has also been tested by us. The criteria for the certification of cosmetics as well as a list of ingredients that are permitted only to a limited extent can be found here.

To feel good in your home

Household appliances with the Allergy Seal of Quality have been tested and certified according to the strict guidelines of Service Allergie Suisse regarding the reduction of indoor allergen exposure. They help allergy sufferers to feel comfortable at home. Relevant information can be found on the product packaging. Read the requirements for the certification of technical products.