Hygiene products


Good reasons to think about the certification of your products


The number of people with skin problems is constantly rising. In Switzerland, about 20% of the population suffer from a contact allergy, also called contact dermatitis. The skin becomes inflamed when it comes into contact with substances that it can't tolerate.

The most common triggers include fragrances, which are unfortunately also found in many hygiene products. Hygiene products thus have a high risk of triggering allergic reactions, as they are often in prolonged contact with the skin and mucous membranes. Typical symptoms of a contact allergy include: itching, reddening skin, dry and scaly skin, nodules and blisters, and painful cracks in the skin that heal poorly. And this means a severely reduced quality of life for those affected.

Those with highly sensitive and allergy-prone skin rely on hygiene products without allergy triggers such as perfume and dyes, and count on products that consider their special requirements and improve their quality of life.

You can download the criteria for hygiene product certification here.

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