Benefits of the Allergy Label

The Swiss Allergy Label (“recommended by aha! Swiss Allergy Centre”) is administered by Service Allergie Suisse

In Switzerland 3 million people suffer from allergies and intolerances. In their everyday life, people with an allergy or intolerance are reliant on products and services that offer added value in terms of safety and information. They look for foods that contain no lactose or gluten, for example, or are free of celery, peanuts or milk. Or they have to switch to cosmetics that contain no perfume or preservatives and dyes.

The legal provisions and their implementation by trade and industry as well as inspection measures are now at a very high level in Switzerland. However, the Swiss Allergy Label goes a few steps further – the requirements for products and services are far more stringent and compliance is constantly monitored by several independent supervisory bodies. Furthermore, we require additional information about the products and services for consumers. This means people with allergies and intolerances benefit from a clear added value in terms of safety and information when choosing products and using services that bear the Swiss Allergy Label.


The heart of the matter: our regulations and certification processes provide safety

Outsiders can only guess at how much worry and complex is involved in developing, implementing and continually updating our regulations for the various sectors. In drawing up the regulations (requirements), Service Allergie Suisse works closely with authorities and specialists from various sectors (e.g. catering trade, food and cosmetics industries, etc.), with experts in trademark law and major certification bodies operating at the international level. Not least, industry is included in order to find solutions that will be achievable in terms of production technology. Our regulations are always based very precisely on the existing legal framework.

In a rigorous, regulated certification process, products and services that are to bear the Swiss Allergy Label are scrutinized by external inspection bodies (scientific advisory board, medical advisory board, auditors). Compliance with the stipulations of the regulations is also checked on site. Product traceability, risk analysis, the system for preventing cross-contamination and generally quality management are among the aspects that are subject to inspection. Training of involved personnel is also part of the requirements. Once a product or service has the Swiss Allergy Label, all the operating procedures continue to be inspected on a regular basis.


Internationally recognized, a benefit to sufferers, commercially significant

The Swiss Allergy Label is an internationally recognized trademark for allergen-optimized products and services, suitable for allergy sufferers but also for people adopting a responsible and sustainable lifestyle. Statistics show that the Swiss Allergy Label has the following value for allergy sufferers:

  • Easily identifiable and can be found in various areas of life
  • Guarantee of safety and added value due to additional information (details such as “made without milk”, “gluten-free”, etc.)
  • Clear and consistent supply with growing choice of allergy-optimized products and services

For manufacturers this means an attractive opportunity to enter the market with specialist products for allergy sufferers. In the process, the Swiss Allergy Label with its level of recognition helps to position a new product in this growing sector as a safe and quality-controlled product.


The role of Service Allergie Suisse

Service Allergie Suisse, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation aha! Allergy Centre, holds the worldwide usage rights for the Swiss Allergy Label.