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Kuli-Muli Leggins made of lyocell

A growing number of children today suffer from chronic skin diseases. Perspiration and the incompatibility of textiles are the key factors that provoke skin irritation. It is therefore advisable to ensure babies only come in contact with natural materials that are gentle on the skin from the moment they are born.

Kuli-Muli Leggins made of lyocell

Kuli-Muli baby undergarments are made from pure Lyocell and are 100% organic and free of allergen particles. A number of scientific tests have proven that Lyocell dramatically improves the quality of life in affected patients. Lyocell fabric is processed to form a highly elastic jersey interlock material and is especially soft, snugly and pleasing to babies’ skin. Kuli-Muli fabric has a cooling effect similar to that of linen, yet is as warming as wool. One of the key advantages of this material is its ability to quickly wick moisture away from babies’ skin. Bacterial growth doesn’t stand a chance with Kuli-Muli undergarments.


  • Less perspiration 
  • 50% more moisture absorption 
  • Less skin irritations 
  • Kuli-Muli undergarment is silky-soft and hase a cooling effect 
  • No bacteria 
  • No electrostatic discharge 
  • Temperature regulating.


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Appropriate product for:

  • Sensitive skin

Particular characteristics:

  • without allergenic substances

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