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Softsan® Protect Sleeping bag

Hygienic travel sleeping bags for allergy sufferers with an integrated mite protection encasing. The sleeping bag is protected from allergy causing substances and is easy to clean. With a practical, sealable pillow compartment all hotel pillows can be encased. An irritation free sleeping environment is now achievable when travelling. All our textiles have been tested for pollutant contaminates and for dermatological purposes.

Softsan® Protect Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag for Allergy Sufferers: Effective protection is problematic for allergy sufferers when travelling. With the mite and allergy tight encasing, contact to allergy causing particles is reduced and the normal hotel bedding can be used. People with allergies or neurodermatitis often react to contaminants in textiles. We only use textiles that have been tested for pollutant contaminates, are dermatological approved and skin compatible.


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  • House dust mite allergy

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