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Softsan® Protect Anti Allergy Travel Mattress Cover

Hygienic, allergy tight travel mattress covers for allergy sufferers. The practical mattress covers protects from allergy causing substances and is easily washable. This allows for optimal bed hygiene and effective protection from mite allergens while travelling. The allergy mattress cover has been dermatological and medicinally tested for pollutant contaminates.

Softsan® Protect Anti Allergy Travel Mattress Cover

Anti Allergy Mattress Cover: Effective protection is problematic for allergy sufferers especially when travelling. Hotel beds and mattresses are often hygienically questionable and contain high quantities of mite allergens. The Softsan® Travel Mattress Cover covers the top and sides of the hotel mattress. People with allergies, skin irritations or neurodermatitis can now enjoy irritant free and quality sleep while travelling. Our textiles are dermatological and medicinally tested and guaranteed pollutant contamination free.

Breathable Sleeping Environment: The new Anti Allergy Travel Mattress Cover is extremely light and easy to use. The vital air and moisture circulation through the mattress cover prevents unnecessary sweating, thereby creating the optimal sleeping temperature. The durable cover is easy to wash, up to 95 º C and is dryer suitable on the lowest setting.


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  • House dust mite allergy

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