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Reliable pollen protection for maximum safety.

With the pollen guard system Polltec, G&H has the solution for allergy sufferers: an innovative protective fabric with a special coating that "attracts" the pollen.

Reliable pollen protection for maximum safety.

Greatly improved air permeability: up to 300% better compared to conventional pollen protection fabrics at wind force 1 (0.3 - 1.6 m/s).

  • Good visibility through innovative mesh concept.
  • Protects against pollen and insects. Against grass and birch pollen: more than 99%, against the particularly small ambrosia and nettle pollen: more than 99%.
  • Elastic, robust, weather-resistant.
  • Easy to clean: The very smooth surface of the fabric means that rain washes most pollen off.


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Appropriate product for:

  • Pollen allergies

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