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CamCleaner City M Air Purifier

Camfil’s CITY M air purifier is especially designed for offices, schools, hospitals, public buildings etc. In a short time CITY air purifier with three stage filtration will reduce the number of particles in the air by millions per cubic meter. The HEPA filter is so efficient that air would have to pass through an average ventilation system three times to achieve the same level of purification.

CamCleaner City M Air Purifier

City M is the right choice when you effectively protect yourself and those around you against:

  •  Pollen and Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Dust mites and bacteria in the air
  • Ozone and unpleasant odors
CamCleaners improve the air quality noticeably - much appreciated by allergic people! Technical specifications Filter: H13 + Molecular Weight: 16 kg Size: (W x H x D) 329 x 703 x 338 mm Purification area: up to75m² Colors: white, black Premium CADR values.


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Appropriate product for:

  • Pollen allergies
  • House dust mite allergy
  • Allergy to animals
  • Particulate matter

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