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ALLERGOCOVER® Pillow encasing

The ALLERGOCOVER® pillow encasing is the easiest way to reduce your symptoms immediately and effectively. ALLERGOCOVER® consists of a tightly woven, uncoated microfibre that offers optimal allergen protection and sleeping comfort. In a double-blind, placebo- and environment-controlled study, the use of ALLERGOCOVER® led to a significant decrease in symptoms and medication.

ALLERGOCOVER® Pillow encasing

ALLERGOCOVER® has safety seams and special zips that ensure an equally very good particle retention capacity, which is tested and confirmed annually by independent testing institutes.

Allergo Healthcare provides a 12-year warranty on ALLERGOCOVER® covers.
ALLERGOCOVER® features and benefits:

  • mite-allergen-proof complete cover with special zip fastener
  • effectiveness scientifically and clinically tested
  • tightly woven and uncoated microfibre
  • smooth material prevents mite colonisation
  • woven-in carbon thread prevents electrostatic charging
  • high air and water vapour permeability
  • high breathability
  • tested for harmful substances
  • light and thin material
  • hard-wearing and durable even under heavy use
  • environmentally friendly washable up to 60 ˚C
  • also available in special sizes
  • 12 years warranty
  • Quality 100% "Made in Germany"

Sales and Contact Switzerland:
Allervo GmbH
Erlenstrasse 29
4106 Therwil
Phone: 0800 - 1888 11


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Appropriate product for:

  • House dust mite allergy

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