User Guidelines

A consistent appearance is very important for the recognition of the Allergy Seal of Quality in order to retain and increase brand awareness, which in turn improves sales of the certified products or services.

The label is called: Allergy Seal of Quality
This name must be used. There are no other alternatives!


The Allergy Quality Seal must be printed in colour (light green with blue text) on the packaging. We will provide you with the necessary professional artwork (eps. file) for the design of the packaging. The colours for printing are light green: C25/M0/Y100/K0 and blue: C100/M70/Y0/K10. The size of the Allergy Seal of Quality on packaging depends on the size of the packaging and the respective design. However, the letters on the Allergy Seal of Quality must be clearly readable. For packages that are produced in one colour, the Allergy Seal of Quality can be used on request black/white. You can obtain the corresponding artwork from Service Allergie Suisse.

Ok to print
The Allergy Seal of Quality must always be used in the original design and within the agreed framework as per the licence agreement. Please always ensure that you send us, for our final approval, all of your materials related to packaging, text on web pages, advertisements, brochures and media texts where they refer to  the Allergy Seal of Quality.

To assist you we provide possible descriptions of Service Allergie Suisse and the Allergy Seal of Quality.

Here you can download the User Guidelines.