Undergarments for sensitive baby skin

A baby's skin is four to five times thinner than that of adults. That is why it is particularly sensitive to external influences – such as undergarments. Kuli-Muli bodies, shirts and leggings are made of 100% organic lyocell; a natural fiber with numerous advantages.

Redness, itching, rashess: To prevent skin irritation, one should pay attention to which substances you wear, how they were processed and what they contain. Especially for baby skin, skin-friendly and natural materials - such as Lyocell - are recommended right from the start.

Lyocell is obtained from beech and eucalyptus wood and is therefore a fiber made from natural raw materials. The fabric has a smooth and supple surface, which prevents skin irritation. In addition, Lyocell cools like linen and warms like wool – ideal for a comfortable fit. Since the fibres effectively direct moisture away from the body, virtually no bacteria can spread.