Well protected

Well protected
On a sunny day it is best to look for shade, avoid the midday sun (11 am to 3 pm) and use creams with a high sun protection factor (from SPF 30). If you have sensitive skin, it is best to use products that are free of harmful substances.

Myth of sun allergy
Red, itchy skin, pustules or wheals – are all symptoms commonly referred to as sun allergy. But only rarely is it really an allergy in the sense of an excessive immune reaction. Usually it is a polymorphic light dermatosis or Mallorca acne. It helps to cool the affected skin and to avoid the sun.

Is prevention possible?
The skin reactions of polymorphic light dermatosis are caused by unusually high UVA and/or UVB radiation. This is why parts of the body that have not been previously exposed to the sun for a long time are particularly affected. It makes sense to acclimatize your skin to the sun slowly and to increase the duration of sun exposure gradually.

One of the most common triggers of Mallorca acne is the ingredients of sunscreens or cosmetic products that react with UV radiation. Prevention can be achieved by using grease, perfume and emulsifier-free sun protection products with high UV protection.

More tips

  • Avoid direct sunlight. It is also important to think of the reflection of the rays on snow, sand and water. By the way: window glass does not protect against UVA radiation.
  • Wear light clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton or linen.
  • If you take medication ask the doctor about possible interactions, and read the package leaflets.


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