A welcoming home

90 per cent of our life takes place indoors. We are exposed to various potential allergy triggers such as house dust mites or pollen. Cleaning must be done regularly – and properly – so that allergy sufferers are not affected too much.

In every corner
House dust mites, which are invisible to the naked eye, can be found in every household. Around five to eight per cent of children and adults in Switzerland have an allergic reaction to the tiny creatures – with red eyes, a runny or blocked nose. The triggers are not the mites themselves, but mainly the allergens in their droppings, which are spread around in the house dust. Pollen can also be found in large quantities indoors, as it likes to fly into the home through open windows. One person in five sneezes, sniffles or even coughs because of the microscopic objects.

What helps
Hay fever and house dust mite allergy sufferers should definitely clean their home regularly. But instead of a superficial daily clean, it makes more sense to dust less frequently but more thoroughly and with a damp cloth, and to moisten the floors when cleaning them. Frequent vacuuming is also recommended, once or twice a week depending on how the apartment is used, and more often if necessary. For this it makes sense to have a vacuum cleaner with a good filter, for example a product with the Allergy Seal of Quality.