Beware of house dust mites

House dust mites can be found in every household, and allergy sufferers are actually plagued all year round. However: during the heating period, the faecal components of the mites that carry the allergens dry out faster and get swirled through the air, which increases exposure. Not least, because the windows are also closed. That's why arachnids plague allergy sufferers enormously during this period.

Find a remedy
Keeping a room completely free of mites is an impossible undertaking. However, they can be reduced, for example, through regular cleaning: instead of cleaning surfaces once a day, it is advisable to dust less frequently, but more thoroughly, using a wet cloth, and to wipe the floors with a damp cloth. It is also advisable to vacuum frequently. For allergy sufferers, it is prudent to have a vacuum with a good filter, for instance a product that bears the Swiss Allergy Seal of Quality, like the new Dyson V11.

Additional tips
Mites love warm and humid environments. That's why they feel particularly at home in our beds. It is best to pack mattresses in mite-allergy-proof covers, so-called encasings, and to use mite-allergy-proof covers for pillows and duvets. Wash the bed linen weekly at 60°C.

Good drug therapy to relieve symptoms or address the cause by means of desensitisation therapy.

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