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More and more people are reacting sensitively to certain ingredients in cosmetics and are dependent on products that take their special needs into account. Such as the hypoallergenic care line with heartseed from RAUSCH. We asked the traditional Swiss company why those affected play it safe with them.


Since 1890, the Swiss company RAUSCH stands for herbal competence in the cosmetics sector. In order to make people with highly sensitive skin feel well, the company launched a hypoallergenic skin care product with Heartseed in 2011 – awarded the Swiss Allergy Label


What was the key to developing a hypoallergenic skin care line?
The reports of allergies, intolerances, itchy and irritated scalp have increased worldwide. These observations in direct conversation with affected persons as well as the philosophy of RAUSCH company to offer the suitable solution for every hair and scalp problem led to the fact that RAUSCH has developed a hypoallergenic care line - especially for people with a highly sensitive, irritated and sensitive scalp.


Why is Heartseed the ideal basis for this sensitive care line?
In dermatology, the plant has long been known for its antipruritic effect, which is why it is mainly used in inflammatory skin diseases. Heartseed is also referred to as plant cortisone. Various clinical studies have proven its effectiveness in itching and eczema. It makes sense to use the positive effect of Heartseed even in the case of a highly sensitive, itchy, irritated scalp and to develop suitable care products based on Heartseed.


How can you guarantee that the care line is safe for allergy sufferers?
The Heartseed SENSITIVE LINE hypoallergenic is free of colorants, fragrances and preservatives and contains no silicones, sulfates or mineral oils. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is also not included in the formula. In addition, all products of Heartseed SENSITIVE-LINE carry the Swiss Allergy Label from Service Allergie Suisse and meet all their criteria and strict guidelines.


Why did you choose the Swiss Allergy Label?
In Switzerland, this Label stands for products and services that are particularly suitable for people with allergies and intolerances. Service Allergie Suisse checks these according to the strictest guidelines and awards the Swiss Allergy Label only after all requirements have been met.


How did you find out about Service Allergie Suisse?
The Swiss Allergy Label is a recognized trademark for allergen-optimized products and services.


What influence does certification have on the production process?
Both raw materials and end products undergo continuous checks and dermatological tests. This guarantees our customers the unique RAUSCH quality at the highest level with naturalness, safety and a lastingly mild effect.


Are you planning to certify other products?
We are continually expanding our product range to meet customer needs. We will selectively consider certification, wherever it makes sense.


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