The basic requirements, applicable to all product groups, are laid down in the regulation “General requirements for the Swiss Allergy Label" and the specific requirements in related annexes. The "Penalty provisions" is another component of the regulation of Service Allergie Suisse.

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General requirements for the Swiss Allergy Label

The regulation "Requirements for the Swiss Allergy Label" sets out the basic requirements. It also includes an overview of the certification process, a description of the elements for the labeling of products and services and an overview of the specific requirements.

Specific requirements

The specific requirements for products and services with the Swiss Allergy Label can be found in the corresponding appendixes to the regulation "Requirements for the Swiss Allergy Label". These requirements are specific to production and operation. They also describe the additional informations (claims) and the labeling of the products and services as well as the requirements for quality management and contain a checklist that summarises the requirements and helps to prepare for the audit.

Penalty provisions

The penalty provisions are an integral part of the regulation and govern penalties, deadlines and sanctions in the case of non-conformities.