Certification procedure

Step 1Registration

For our initial, in-house assessment without obligation we ask you to return the application form together with the confidentiality agreement, duly completed and signed. We require the detailed  information in the application form in order to draw up an offer.  Your details will, of course, be handled with absolute discretion.

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Step 2: Certification process

We help you to go through the whole certification process. Once all the necessary documents have been submitted (step 1), this process usually takes 3 to 6 months.

Certification process
1.  Assessment of application by a sector-specific committee
2.  Second assessment by medical specialists
3.  On-site product- or process-related audit at the manufacturing plant by an independent
accredited certification body
4.  Approval by Service Allergie Suisse

Step 3: Awarding the Allergy Seal of Quality and launch

1.  Signing the licensing agreement between Service Allergie Suisse and your company
2.  Issuing the certificate
3.  Submitting image and text material for our communication tools (e.g.  newsletter, website)
4.  Launching the products on our website.

Once certified, products and services are subject to regular review. This means that a surveillance audit is carried out once a year and a re-audit takes place every three years.