How can your company benefit from the Swiss Allergy Label certification?

With the Swiss Allergy Label your company is giving a clear sign and showing its commitment in the healthcare sector. Suitable products and services for people affected by allergies or intolerance are visibly identified by the Swiss Allergy Label. This will give your products and services an added value and your company an image gain and a sustainable positioning.

Your customers will receive information that allows them to identify your products and services and to consume them consume selectively and preferential. They understand that they get added value regarding information and security and will thank your company.

How are the requirements for the Allergy Label defined

When developing the regulations (requirements), Service Allergie Suisse works closely with specialists from the food and cosmetics sector, for instance, with experts in trademark law and major certification bodies operating at the international level. The guidelines of the association of cantonal chemists of Switzerland are also an influential factor. Finally, industry is included in order to find solutions that are achievable in terms of production technology.