5 Steps to the Allergy Seal of Quality

Step 1: Inquiry and Offer

Send the request form with information about the company to Service Allergie Suisse. On this basis, we
will prepare an indicative proposal.

Send inquiry

Step 2: Application

Send the completed application form with details of the company and the products to be certified together with the signed non-disclosure agreement and the signed offer to Service Allergie Suisse.

Step 3: Assessment

Once all the necessary documents have been submitted, the process usually takes 3 to 6 months and consists of assessments by three independent inspection bodies:

  • Committee of scientific experts 
  • Committee of medical experts 
  • On-site product- or process-related audit at the manufacturing plant by an independent accredited audit company.

Once all the assessments have been successfully comple- ted, the audit report is released by Service Allergie Suisse.

Step 4: Issue License and Certificate

Signing of the licence agreement based on the signed offer and issue of the certificate.

Step 5: Launch

  • Submitting images and text material for our communication tools.
  • Display of the products and the company portrait on our website.


A re-audit is carried out every three years to ensure sustained compliance.