April 2019

New products with the Swiss Allergy Label

Dear Sir/Madam  

More choice for people with food allergies or intolerances as well as sensitive skin: we could award six new products with the Swiss Allergy Label. They have been tested according to the strictest guidelines and positively rated by all the inspection panels.

We could also certify the cleaning process of SWISSFEEL for pillows and mattresses and award it with the Swiss Allergy Label.

Kind regards

Service Allergie Suisse


Emmi good day Full cream lactose-free

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Migros Yoghurt Peach-Apricot aha!

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Migros Rapeseed Margarine aha!

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Ultrasun Baby Mineral SPF50

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Ultrasun Family SPF30 400ml

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Coop Free From Fairtrade Chocolate Bunny

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